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Mar 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
to eliminate parking from mccal sister to union. it's up to the mta but that is not stopping residents from focusing their ire on supervisor hsu. an uneasy vip about to get more uneasy thanks to a plan being proposed by the city. fony burbury shop carries rare print publications. it's on the busy stretch of polk street. they're thinking of doing a makeover. >> i remembered i was shocked when i heard that they're planning to remove parking i said what are they think something. >> what they're thinking is taking advantage of a planned major repave prog jekt to make the streets safer for all who use it. l requiring a reduction in metered spaces. >> in each proposal have a different amount of parking lots? or bike lane goesing in. but at this point they're just proposals. what we're doing now is listen together community to see what they want. and make sure we can get it right before muflg forward. >> this beauty company is a salon on polk. she says she's all for making streets more beautiful. she just wants the parking to stay. >> this is bad enough. it becomes harder. there is no way these bu
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
today. stanford and cal are expected to get high seeds. they wanted 7th and cal is only 6. >>> good morning everybody and at the toll plaza, no problems if you are in livermore but it is slow, let's go to steve. >>> mostly sunny this morning by this afternoon we will be talking about rain and we could sure use it but here is some patchy low clouds and upper 60s and lower 70s inland. >>> coming up on mornings on 2, violence in the east bay, police are searching for a man who committed a knife attack. >>> and the pope will be officially inaugurated tomorrow and we have new details we found out about the ceremony, stay with us, we will be right back. >>> we're live in alameda where a st. patrick's day bar fight ends with a stabbing. we'll tell you what police are saying about the suspects who got away. >>> a memorial is set up this morning to remember the two victims killed in a raceway crash in the north bay as investigators look into the house. >> reporter: and vallejo police this morning, working to track down the person who killed and elderly man at a home in this city. we'll tell
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
of the ncaa tournament thursday through saturday. cal will stays unlv there on thursday. cal is the 12th seed of the east region. unlv is the fifth seeded team. it's 5-1 verses cal. [ cheers ] >> cheers broke out in morago as the st. mary's basketball team was selected to the tournament. the gaels will play tennessee tomorrow night in dayton, ohio. if they win, they will become the 11th seed of the midwest region and play the sixth seed memphis on thursday. >>> 7:51. the ncaa tournament is very important to advertisers as well. total tv revenue from all 68 games expected to top a billion dollars this year. that's more than the super bowl or the world series. but it's actually a better deal to the advertisers -- for the advertisers because there's so many more games around the fans will probably keep watching and seeing those same commercials over and over again. >>> bracket selection for the women's tournament happens today. stanford and cal expected to get high seeds. the number 4 stanford's women team won their 7th straight title about a week ago.
Mar 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
the selection committee of that and the cal bears say thank you very much. they will play at hp pavilion against the five seed unlv. an incredible advantage from a fan standpoint but in terms of travel and preparation, an ideal situation. >> we definitely were surprised that we get to stay so close to home. hopefully we can get a good fan base out there and get good crowds out there to be behind us. we think it is a good situation for us. >> i think they are pretty excited. it is a close to home game. i expect a lot of students and alumni. i am happy. >> getting to stay close to home and the same for unlv, makes so much sense to me to have your people, your fans, your people that followed you all year long to be able to be involved potentially with the game. that makes it more fun for everybody. >>> how about the ladies? cal is representing there, as well. a two seed in the spokane region of the ncaa women's tournament. the bears will play fresno state in lubbock saturday 1:20 local time. cal could find itself on a collision course with a bay area area because the cardinals will take on six team
Mar 18, 2013 9:00pm PDT
second longest in nba history. the time here unusual situation but not complaining in berkeley. cal 12 seed heading into the tournament but play what amounts to a home game in the first round. thursday afternoon in san jose. ka court going down hp pavilion. 6 games to be played over two days. on thursday and saturda saturday. cal and unlv they met early in the season december 9 a the and cobb with partially block shot but david didn't box out and game winning basket with less than a second ago. like a little pay back when they meet them again on thursday. >> a lot of screaming and got very excited. playing a team that we played before and probably should have beat at home so everybody was excited. got happy to get the opportunity and make the most of it. >> good times for the cal women as well. ncaa women field announce. 2 seed in the region behind no. 1 stanford. bears will play fresno state in texas this thursday. or saturday i should say. tip off
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
they end up and they will host tulsa sunday at 2:20 cal is going to play fresno state. in lxboox, texas. and the ncaa tournament and cal and stanford anre 1 and 2. the cal men have a strange deal to not like to schedule matche3s they met on dec 0 and hwin san jose on thur.. >> they are excited. about the matchup. somebody familiar with them from the standpoint of what we're not against. explosive. a talented group of guys. they still beat us. we have our work cut out for it is worth. they arguare closest to home in this first round. so they can travel to san jose. st. mary's must beat tennessee state on tuesday in dayton, ohio. the 49ers have signed craig dahl.. he is visiting on special teams and as a backup defensive. he played for the st. louis rams in 61 games. and to take a peek at matt has kelback he could be possibly a backup quarterback who was let go by the tennessee titans. he is 37 years old and would not mind being a backup. his sister-in-law, elizabeth. hasselback... >> jacqueline: i thought that was is why? >> no i thought that there were-- wmarried? no, brother- in-law, s
Mar 23, 2013 6:00pm EDT
.m. part of the pd this weekend on c-span2. >> next, an encore presentation of cal thomas who appeared on footnotes in 2004 to talk about things that matter most in this collection of essays. .. >> cal thomas, on the front of your book it says, "america's most controversial columnist." >> that was the triumph of the public relations department. i would not say that about myself, although i get some very wonderful mail and letters to the editor from tolerant, pluralistic, open-minded, pro-academic, freedom liberals who say such things as, "volunteer yourself for brain trauma experiments, you sadistic creep." >> why do you think they wanted to say "america's most controversial columnist"? >> oh, it's part of the hype. i'm in 350 papers in all 50 states, and most editors gratefully respond that they get more mail on my column, pro and con, than all of their other columnists. so, as you know, one of the premiere things in the information or communications business is to get people to read or watch you. and if you don't have that, you don't have anything. so i deal with the cultural, get pe
FOX News
Mar 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
-- began. we watched history unfold. but how have the media portrayed the war? joining us now, cal thomas, syndicated columnist, also with us, marvin kalb, former moderator for "meet the press." both are fox news contributors. generally, cal, it seems to me if you read the newspapers these days, they sum up the iraq war as a mistake because the weapons of mass destruction were never found. give us your take on that. >> you know, the genesis of this, of course, was the bush administration leaked to "the new york times" this story about aluminum tubes and saddam on the way to weapons of mass destruction, and that was the genesis for attacking saddam hussein. look, this is extremely difficult. surely there is too close a relationship between too many in the press and too many in the government. in matter what administration is in power. first of all, they don't like covering foreign policy stories anymore. most of the bureaus have shut down around the world. they rely on stringers. we've got a lot of propaganda coming into the american media, and i think that while the ten-year anniversary i
Mar 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, you will find graffiti almost the whole way there >> we connecticut tacted cal- tran, but we did not receive a note back. >> >> a graffiti artist is dead after falling over the weekend. a street sweeper found his body. he was convicted in 2009 and 2011. >> oakland police department is changing the way it fights crime and the chief said the new policing model is depending on community involvement. the goal is for the department to work directly with the community, oakland will be divided into five districts and a cap opinion will be responsible for each one and they will interact with neighborhood advisory committees, something oakland residents seem open to try. >> not trusting people like they used to. >> oakland police sa
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
are close to your hard. >> cal of any team in the country are playing closer to home. they have a pretty good draw for this one game. >> when you play the smallest school all that business is tough. >> cal plays close to home. >> st. louis they win the atlantic 10. they are on the roster there were transported to the airport they will miss the selection and pull over at best buy this is how they found out the selection. >> i have not heard that. that was pretty good. >> it was the greatest day of my life is what the mayor said. i let them into the lounge where they have the tv they have 30 guys watching and cheering. >> if they have pretty good seeds i think there are fourth in one region. >> you have cal vs. unlv in san jose in the east region. >> i was looking for them. i want to know how blyth divided up. indiana is number one in that category. >> i have been complaining about this for a while try and make it so people... you cannot argue there if you are a cal fan or raid unlv than you can get the channels. >> in addition to louisville and indiana you have kansas and gonza. >> i love
Mar 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
down the floor. >> one contest features cal bars. they'll be playing unlv. other pits syracuse against montana. downtown businesses hoping for big crowds to offset loss frtz lockout. gales will play in a first play game but that is in dayton. >> spencer christian is off tonight. >> yes. >> sandhya patel has a look at the accuweather up indicate. -- update. >> cloudy out there. our radar not picking up moisture right now this, is just moisture up in the clouds north of the area but will soon track a storm. as we look from our emoriville camera, you can see cloud cover out there just filtering sunshine. temperatures 58 in san francisco. it's 54 in half moon bay. 64 in san jose. the clouds are stacked up as you look towards the golden gate bridge. temperatures comfortable right now. 67 degrees. here is a look at what is coming up. tonight if you're stepping out, high clouds, low 50s to low 60s in the morning, cloudy skies, some areas numbers into 40s by afternoons clouds up. upper 50s to low 70s, i'll let you know when the rain will get here. >> thank you. >> still ahead at 4:00 empty she
Mar 18, 2013 11:30pm PDT
teams including cal, oregon, and syracuse are drawing fans from far and wide. local business owners are gearing up for busy days. >> going to be much bigger than any sort of event that goes on at hp typically bigger than a sharks game. >> many local businesses say they lost at least a third of their incomes during the nhl lock out now thousands of basketball fans are in town and that could help them bounce back. >>> president obama introduced his choice as secretary of labor, thomas perez. he is son of dominican immigrants. >> over my career i have learned true progress is possible, if you keep an open mind, listen to all sides and focus on results. >> so far perez is the only hispanic to be named to the president's cabinet during his second term. at least one republican has said he will block the nomination because of perez's work with the justice department on a voting rights case in louisiana. >>> new details on president obama's upcoming visit to the bay area next month. april 3rd arrival, reported for two events in san francisco the first, a $5,000 per person cocktail reception
Mar 18, 2013 2:00pm PDT
's safe. we're cool. shoot, it's just pop. with low cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. >> we're back. sarah palin found her true fans this weekend when she made her way to an adoring crowd at cpac. that didn't stop her from delving into the lowest of the low. birther talk. >> more background checks. dandy idea, mr. president. should have started with yours. >> you get the drift. this kind of talk may rile up the base but doesn't appeal to mainstream america. ron reagan is radio talk show host and msnbc political analyst. and a reporter for "roll call." what is it about the birther thing that gets to the giggle with these people? why do they love doing this, to talk about the president's roots as un-american? what's the giggle here? >> well, obviously she was speaking to a conservative convention. a lot of young activists are there. probably the most conservative, the conservative wing of the republican party. they liked it. they were cheering it on. >> why? >> why? because why? because i think they still believe that the president has more to offer on the topic. obviously that's not
Mar 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, bloomberg is not around, our big gulp is safe, we're cool. shoot, it's just pop, with low cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. my only piece of advice, because i am a mama, my only piece of advice to college republicans, you have to be thinking sam adams, not drinking sam adams. if these experts who keep losing elections, you keep getting rehired, raking in millions, if they feel that strongly about who gets to run in this party, then they should buck up or stay in the truck. buck up and run. the architects can head on back -- they can head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot, though for their sake, i hope they give themselves a discount on their consulting services. it is about great concern about a president claiming power to direct drones, to kill whomever and whenever without accountability, but no power to open up the white house for the school kids to get to go visit over spring break. god bless you, cpac. and god bless the united states of america! vo: from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece, bold will make your re
Mar 18, 2013 8:00pm PDT
's not around. our big gulp is safe. it's just pop with low-cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. >> there's a few things we learned at this year's cpac. first, conservative love for sarah palin and large sodas is alive and well, take that, bloomberg. and second, it is overly clear the republican party fractured into two camps. on one side you have the gop establishment, the same old members of the republican party like senator john mccain and house speaker john boehner. your typical establishment presidential candidate would be someone like mitt romney. on the flip side, you have the grass roots extreme tea party favorites, republicans like ted cruz and rand paul. it became clear at cpac that grassroots republicans are furious with the establishment's choice in political candidates. 88-year-old activist phyllis schlafly even called for a fight. >> unfortunately we let the establishment pick you're loser for us. the fight i'm asking you to engage in is between the establishment and the grass roots. the establishment has given us a whole series of losers, bob dole and john mccain and mitt r
Mar 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
progressive. >>> oh, bloomberg's not around. our big gulp's safe. we're cool. shoot, it's just pop. with low-cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. >>> we're back. sarah palin found her true fans this weekend when he made her way to an adoring crowd at cpac. >> more background checks. dandy idea, mr. president. should have started with yours. >> you get the drift. this kind of talk may rile up the base, but it doesn't appeal to mainstream america. sarah toplitz is a reporter for roll call. sarah, why do they love doing this, to talk about the president's roots as un-american? what's the giggle here? >> well, obviously she was speaking to a conservative convention. a lot of young activists are there. probably the most conservative, the conservative wing of the republican party. they liked it. they were clearing it on. >> why? >> why? because i think they still believe the president has more to offer on this. obviously he's released his birth certificate. they still like to cheer it on, even though it has been proven factually accurate that he was born in the united states of america. >> so i'm
Mar 21, 2013 9:00am PDT
.o.m.a. is before the supreme court next week, as is proposition 8, the marriage ban in cal cam. we'll see what the court does on those two. i'm opt michtic on both. at the end of the day, we don't decide the fundamental rights of a minority by the a vote of the people or the whims of public opinion polls. that's with a our judiciary is there for. as we're talking about the new language that you're hearing from chairman raince priebus and the report that came out from the republican party, i think that is significant movement. what the next important step is going to be, to see how that's followed up with actual policy actions. and there are a number of things, aside from repealing d.o.m.a., that the congress should and could do, one would be passing an employment nondiscrimination act. in this country, in more than half the states, can you fire someone for being lgbt. and congress has a responsibility there and they should act and i think this is a perfect opening for republicans and democrats to come and work together on this issue. >> chad, one more question before we go. when you read the g
Mar 18, 2013 11:00am PDT
that incredibly lodgele cal that he doesn illogical that he doesn't know the history. >> you're not buying it. >> i'm not buying it. in europe of all places, anti-semitism is on the rise. we're seeing hatred toward jews grow, crimes against jews grow. so this is not something that he's just unaware of or something that happened 10,000 years ago. this is still a very active part in some cultures in europe. so you can't tell me for a second he didn't know what he was doing. >> the fascist party this greece has 18 seats in the parliament. and this is a country with a very correct hdirect history wi holocaust. >> let me end on the player's quote to get his side. i would like to confesses that i'm totally unacceptable and i feel terrible for those i upset. unfortunately, i cannot take the clock back, but i want to clarify that i'm not the a fascist or a knee neo nazi or racist. coming up next, this is an article definitely caught our attention. caught the attention of a lot of people. it is titled being white in philly. it is causing quite a stir among readers, including the mayor. did the author
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)